Eco Zinc

ZINC deficiency:

Zinc, a crucial nutrient for enzyme & growth hormone production and strong root growth.

Deficiency leads to:

  • Poor utilization of N & P.
  • Stunted plant growth.
  • Low yield and deteriorated quality of produce.

Visible symptoms:

  • Inter-veinal necrosis of older leaves.
  • Whitish-yellowish strips parallel to midrib of young leaves.
  • Reduced vigor and stunted growth-“Rosette” appearance.
  • Smaller leaves, shorter internodes, less branching.

ECO Zinc (Zinc Gluconates) Benefits:

  • Catalyses “Trptophan” amino acid synthesis, stimulating production of “Auxin” plant growth hormone.
  • Improves growth after emergence & root growth.

Dose of applications:

Foliar : 2 – 2.5 ml/lit of water or spray solution.*

Fertigation: 1 lit/acre.

*Note: application may vary depending on soil type, extent of deficiency and nature of crop.

Eco Borozinc Benefits:

  • Eco Borozinc Plays an important role in regulating plants hormone levels and promoting proper growth.
  • Eco Borozinc increases flower production and retention, pollen tube elongation and germination, and seed and fruit development.
  • Eco Borozinc is compatible with phosphorous containing fertilzers, almost all kinds of pesticide and plant growth regulators.
  • Eco Borozic contains potassium in chelated and available from given strength to corps.

Dose of Application:

  • Foliar: 2 to 2.5 ml/ltr of water or spray solution.
  • Fertigation: 1 lit/Acre.