Eco Super Potash

    Potassium Deficiency:

    • Potassium Deficiency leads to: Slow maturing of crops & premature senescence.
    • Poor quality fruits of reduced size & weight.
    • Low sugar content.

    Visible symptoms:

    Necrosis of Leaf margins (Leaf Scorching).

    Curling & Crinkling.

    Slender Stalks, Drying & Withering.

    Small sized, low weight & dis-colored fruits with non uniform expansion at ends.

    Eco Super Potash Benefits:

    • Aids in translocation of carbohydrates and starch (Sugar).
    • Improves quality of farm produce in terms of size, shapes, color, taste, sweetness and fibre quality.
    • Increase fruit/bulb number & size (bulking).

    Dose of Application:

    • 2 ml per acre for soil application.