Eco Jabbar

  • Eco Jabbar is a blend of seven of the best plant health activators and soil activators in the world .
  • Seaweed Extracts shows sudden changes in yield and growth in plant organic. Proteins shows vegetative growth and yield.
  • Fulvic acid gives shining and elongination of fruits. Vitamins and proteins helps to built up resistant power against disease and insects.
  • Zinc Gluconate shows 40% increase in yield.
  • L-cystine gives rapid growth keeping quality and incrase quantity of fruits.
  • It helps detoxify and buffer chemicals and salts that prevent bioactivity in the soil.
  • It helps generate the soil improving microbes necessary for good soil structure, bioactivity and plant health.
  • Provides carob which feed benefits soil micorbes. Improves soil structure and aeration structural root growth and supports most plant action. Unlocks and chelate the major and minor Nutrients, reduce fertilizer needs.
  • Makes iron and other nutrients more available in poor pH soils, improves plant resistance to disease, insects and other stress.
  • Eco Jabbar shows sudden reduce in soil pH result in healthiness in plant.

Dose of Application:

  • 1 to 2 ml per lit of water for spray application.
  • 1 ltr per acre for soil application