Eco Ferrous / Iron (Iron Gluconates)

Iron Deficiency:

Iron an important of chlorophyll & critical plant pigment for Photossynthesis. Esential for production of enzymes involved in energy cycles.

Iron though is plentiful in soil but mainly in forms unavailable (Fe2+) to plants.

Visible Symptoms:

Inter-Veinal Chlorosis of young leaves.

Necrotic Spots develop on leaf margin & tips, spreading to leaf blade.

Chlorotic mottling.

Eco Ferrous / Iron (Iron Gluconates) Benefits:

  • Aids in Photosynthesis & Plays key role in respiratory reaction in plants.
  • meliorates Fe deficiency in acidic soils rich in Mn, Alkaline Calcareous Soil, Sandy Soils and in Situations where root development in impaired.

Dose of Application:

  • Foliar : 2 - 2.5 ml/lit of water or spray solution.
  • Fertigation: 1 lit / Acre.