Eco Copper

Copper (Cu):

Copper is required for many enzymatic activities in plants and for chlorophyll and seed product. Deficiency of copper can lead to increased susceptibility to diseases like ergot, which can cause significant yield loss in small grains. Most Minnesota soils supply adequate amounts of copper for crop production.

Copper Deficiency Symptoms of copper are dieback of steams and twigs, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and pale green leaves that wither easily. Copper deficiencies are mainly reported on sandy soils which are low in organic matter. Copper uptake decreases as soil pH increases.

Visible Symptoms:

  • Symptoms typically appear as a speckling and mottled appearance.
  • Copper deficiency causes permanent wilting of plants.
  • Particularly young leaves roll in Leaf tips and margins may dire off without preceding chlorosis.

Eco Copper Benefits:

  • Catalyses several plant processes.
  • Major functions in photosynthesis.
  • Increase sugar content.
  • Intensifies color.
  • Improves flavours of fruits and vegetables.
  • Aids in root metabolism.

Dose of Application:

Foliar: 2 to 2.5 ml/ltr of water or spray solution.

Fertigation: 1 ltr/acre.