Eco Calpro

Calcium is a chemical element that is essential for living organisms, including crops. Vitamin helps the crops absorb and retain calcium. Calcium stunted plant growth, necrotic lead margins on young leaves or curling of the leaves and eventual death of terminal buds and roots tips. Generally the new growth and rapidly growing tissues of the plant are affected first.

Calpro Deficiency:

Enhances structural stability of cell walls supports plant development by minimizing physiological disorders. Weight loss and anorexia can develop. A deficiency of vitamin commonly leads to beriberi, a condition that features problems with the peripheral nerves and wasting.

Visible symptoms:

Appear initially as localized tissues necrosis leading to stunted plant growth, necrotic leaf margins on young leaves or curling of the leaves, and eventual death of terminal bunds and roots tips Pale or yellowish skin, weight loss.

Eco Calpro Benefits:

  • Calpro corrects calcium deficiency by quick absorption and systematic translocation throughout ariel parts of plants strengthens the plant structure.
  • To avoid cracking of all fruits in low temperature.
  • Beneficial for good and healthy soil structure.
  • Increase size, weight of all fruits.
  • Nutrients uptake, early seasons growth.
  • Healthy plant tissue, nutrition forages.
  • Higher yields.

Eco Calpro Mode of Action:

Eco Calpro plays a very important role in plant growth and nutrition as well as in cell wall deposition.

The primary roles of Eco Calpro as a soil amendment calcium helps to maintain chemical balance in the soil, reduce soil salinity and antioxidant function. Plant derived for metabolism because of their redox chemistry and role as enzymatic cofactor not only in animals but also in plants.

Dose of Application:

Foliar : 2 to 2.5 ml/ltr of water or spray solution.