Gluco Calbor (Calcium Boron Gluconates)

Calcium and Boron Deficiency:

Calcium: Enhances structural stability of cell walls, supports plant development by minimizing physiology disorders.

Boron: Aids fertilization of fruits and fruit development.

Deficiency leads to:

  • Pre-Matured, misshaped and deformed fruits.
  • Poor shelf life of farm produce and loss in marketable produce.
  • Impaired seed & fruit setting.
  • Translocation of sugars.

Visible Symptoms:

  • Merginal & inter-Veinal collapse of older leaves.
  • Distortion of leaves, stunted development and mottled yellow longitudinal streaks.
  • Changes in color of foliage, thickening, brittleness and downward curling of older leaves.
  • Dropping of buds/blossom in flowers -Calyx splitting.
  • Blossom end root.

Gluco Calbor (Calcium Boron Gluconates) Benefits:

  • Stimulates young shoot growth.
  • Improves shelf life of fresh farm produce.
  • High yielding crops.
  • Higher profitabilty (Cost benefit ratio >1)

Gluco Calbor more of Action:

  • Configuration with Gluconate Chelate ensures easy availability of Calcium & Boron for Quick & Complete assimilation in poorer transporting issues of plants.
  • Increase flower and Fruit retention.
  • Improve plant’s ability ot produce quality produce in heat and cold stress conditions.

Dose of Application:

  • Foliar : 2 to 2.5 ml/lit of water or Spray solution.
  • Fertigation: 1lit/acre.