Eco Cal

Calcium Deficiency:

Enhances structural stability of cell walls, Supports plant development by minimizing physiological disorders.

Visible symptoms:

Appear initially as localized tissue necrosis leading to stunted plant growth, necrotic leaf margins on young leaves or curling of the leaves and eventual death of terminal buds and root tips.

Eco Cal Benefits:

  • Beneficial for good soil structure and Healthy soil.
  • Nutrient Uptake.
  • Early Season Growth.
  • Healthy Plant Tissue.
  • Nutrition Forages.
  • Higher Yields.

Eco Cal Mode of Action:

Eco Cal Plays a very important role in plant growth and nutrition, as well as in cell wall deposition.

The Primary roles of calcium: As a soil amendment, calcium helps to maintain chemical balance in to soil reduces soil salinity and improves water penetration.

Dose of Application:

  • Foliar: 2 to 2.5 ml/lit of water of spray solution.
  • Fertigation: 1 ltr/acre.